Parent’s/carer’s/children’s comments:

Parent’s and carer’s comments about playgroup:

“I like how there are not as many children and there is a more connected feeling between staff and child due to this, they learn so much through a more playful approach.”

“The staff are brilliant and greatly care and support every aspect of the children’s daily experience.”

“Being a smaller group I think each child gets a greater chance at hands on learning and developing bonds with other children and staff.”

“The venue is great, set up is brilliant and very well organised.  Times suit so we can work and the size of the group is great as not too many kids.”

The strengths of the group:  “The commitment from the staff.  Having a lot of different playing areas for children to choose from.  A large outdoor area full of different activities.”

“She knows all the children in the playgroup and talks about them a lot at home.  She enjoys the snack and lunch and the variety she is getting is great.”

“I think playgroup is a “hidden gem” in the town.  The numbers are much lower compared to other nurseries in the area, which for us enables more time for the key workers to really get to know the children and aid their development.  Supervision and support for the children is also much better with the lower child to staff ratio.  Communication by playgroup staff is first class on all levels.”

Children’s comments:

“I like all the toys”

“At the end of the day I want to come back”

“I love the big climbing frame”

“It has books, tunnel and boxes”

I like playing”