Information Booklet

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Burntisland Playgroup, Toll Community Centre, Kirkcaldy Road, Burntisland. KY3 9HA

Telephone 01592 872854


Monday-Friday 8.15-14.15 term time

General Information

Burntisland Playgroup is a long established group, which offers good quality care and education in a safe and stimulating environment, indoors and outdoors, where children feel secure and confident to play, learn and have lots of fun.


The Playgroup is registered with Care Inspectorate and complies with their registration requirements. Copies of their inspection reports are available Through the Care Inspectorate and in the group.

Early Years Scotland

We are members of the EYS (Early Years Scotland) which is a charity committed to the development of quality care and education in pre-school groups.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the Scottish Executive’s ‘Curriculum for Excellence‘. We also follow ‘How Good Is Our Early Learning and Childcare’. These documents, along with other policies, are available for you to see at the Playgroup.

We offer many opportunities for children to freely choose from a broad range of activities and experiences planned by both the children and staff. We are aware that each child is unique, and develops at different times and stages. We aim to provide a curriculum that caters for everyone and we will build on the individual child’s previous knowledge and understanding.

The purpose of the Curriculum for Excellence is to ensure that all young people become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens. We focus on the following areas:

Health & Wellbeing

Literacy & English

Maths & Numeracy

Expressive Arts



Social Subjects


Additional Needs

All children have individual needs and can sometimes need extra help. Their needs can range from having difficulty coping with certain situations to a physical disability. In most cases Playgroup staff will meet these needs. Occasionally, we may be able to employ a Playfriend to give individual help to a child/children.

Playgroup Staff/Committee

The following staff are employed at present by Burntisland Playgroup.  All staff are very experienced and well qualified :

Manager – Jenny Roxburgh

Early Years Practitioners – Mandy MacPherson, Rebecca McColm and Louise Donaldson

Lunch Person/Cleaner – Claire Yuill

Relief Early Years Practitioner – Susan Simpson

A committee of parents, carers and volunteers manage the Playgroup. The Playgroup is a registered charity and is run by parents and carers in conjunction with the staff.


Fundraising is essential, and parents and carers are invited to participate in the group and actively work to raise funds. As well as providing much need financial support for the Playgroup, the activities are fun and a great way to meet other parents.

Funded Places

Playgroup can offer funded places for up to 5 sessions a week from the first complete term after a child is 3 years old.  We work in partnership with Fife Council to provide quality care and education to anti-pre-school and pre-school children (3 to 5 year olds).  The “Eyqip Team”, from Fife Council, provide support to the group.   We receive annual inspections by Care Inspectorate.

For example,  if your child’s date of birth is on or between:

1st March – 31st August Funded from August

1st September – 31st December Funded from January

1st January – 28th/29th February Funded from April

Funding can be spread across more than one provider, however if your child is attending another Playgroup/Nursery this may impact their eligibility for a place at Burntisland Playgroup.

Younger Children/Fees

If the child is not eligible for funding, and there are spaces available, they may be able to join the Playgroup from the age of 2 years 10 months until their funding begins.. A fee is applicable until funding is available. It is also possible to pay a higher fee rate if you choose to use your funding elsewhere and spaces are available.  Fees are payable, in advance, at the beginning of each week. The fee is still payable, even if the child is absent.

Fees are reviewed each year at the Annual General Meeting (usually in September). Please contact staff for the current level of fees.

Lunch and Snack

We offer the children nutritious “home cooked” hot and cold meals for lunch.  These are prepared daily on the premises and are provided as part of your child’s funding/fees.

A healthy snack is provided each morning. We ask for a small donation towards the cost of the snack.

Special dietary needs will be catered for.

Settling In

The group recognises that due care and attention must be given to the parents, carers and child’s need for time to settle in to the group, and aims to work in partnership with the parents or carers to settle the child into the Playgroup environment.

Settling in is an important stage in the transition between home and Playgroup. The group aims to pay due care and attention by:

  • Making arrangements for the child and parents or carers to visit the group
  • Offering a warm and welcoming environment and ensuring that each child feels included, secure and valued
  • Recognising each child as an individual and his or her readiness to leave the parent or carer
  • Encouraging parents or carers to stay with the child for a sufficient time so that the child feels settled and the parent or carer feels comfortable about leaving him or her. There is no time limit on how long this might take
  • Providing feedback to parents or carers about how their child is coping in the group
  • When the time approaches, ensure a smooth transition to Nursery

Please note that start dates can be staggered in order of date of birth.  You will be notified of your child’s start date in the term before they start Playgroup.  Our sessions are Monday to Friday 8.15am until 14.15pm.  Initially, sessions finish a little earlier in order to help children settle in.  Younger children (under 3 years old) are normally limited to 3 sessions per week, however if you would like your child to attend more sessions, please discuss this with staff.


The group aims to ensure that the admission of children is fair, equitable and responsive to the needs and preferences of individual children and their parents or carers. The group believes that no child should be excluded or disadvantaged because of ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs, language, family background, special education needs, disability, gender or ability.

Applications are prioritised in order of date of birth and date of application. Children are required to attend for a minimum of 3 sessions to ensure feasibility and continuity of care for the children. Parents and carers should note that if a child is attending another setting, this may impact their eligibility for a place at Burntisland Playgroup. Application forms can be obtained by emailing ( or phoning (01592 872854) to ask for an application pack.